Alive Because He Lives

I’ve been reading through the Bible since I was little child. Growing up in a preachers home, I learned about God from a young age and was fortunate enough to have parents who practiced what they preached. I saw first hand what it meant to live holy and Godly lives from parents who did their best to do so. As a result, I do and think certain things without really thinking and take them for granted. Unfortunately, one of those has become the resurrection.

I’ve lost sight of the power of the resurrection. One of the most defining moments of Jesus’ life and ministry have somehow gotten lost in the mix of “being a Christian”. I believe that at times, I’ve stopped worshipping the Word and begun worshipping the word. I really want to make that distinction clear; I have exalted the word of God above God himself and begun serving the creation rather than Creator.

I was reading through John this morning through the death and resurrection of Jesus and it hit me how powerful those moments had to be between Jesus and his disciples after he rose from the dead. To see the fulfillment of everything that had been prophesied and to see the one you have loved so intimately standing in front of you after dying in such horrific fashion…wow. What went through their minds? The joy. The fear. 

He’s alive. He lives. The Savior lives. And because He lives, so do I.


~ by Derek Guyer on October 10, 2008.

One Response to “Alive Because He Lives”

  1. he really lives, and theres one thing i have to say and it is that i am going to try my best to serve god no matter what, and i pray that he guides me in that direction and that i may never look back

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